Your trust on us can be blindly extended even after the handover of your dream home! The Reigate Care is a commitment to offer the best aftersales service, uniquely designed to meet all your requisites. Reigate is committed to make your home buying experience a very pleasant one. We take good care so that you do not make a mistake when buying a dream home with your lifetime savings. “Peace of mind” is what we want to gift to all our customers since we have a commitment to ensure your personal satisfaction.
We have immense confidence in our work – our construction processes, designs, methodologies, materials used, staff hired, sub-contractor management and everything else that goes into building your dream home. The mission of Reigate Care is to facilitate the relationship with clients as much as possible and to respond effectively to their requests after they have purchased the homes (problems with the finishes, specific issues with the electrical installation or the buyer’s technical concerns).

For example; Structural problems & cracks detected shall be attended to and rectified immediately as per applicable engineering standards and procedures. Any problem for your sanitary fittings shall be attended immediately for repair or replacement as deemed fit.
We provide premium quality hardware fittings like door handles, hinges etc. In case of any problem, defective fittings shall either be repaired or replaced. Our wiring and switches are of excellent quality; still any problem shall be immediately rectified or the defective product replaced.
At Reigate care, we aim to ensure that your property remains in premium condition for years to come. At the end of this wonderful and pleasant home buying experience, we want all our customers to say: “THANK YOU REIGATE BUILDERS” for an excellent product and above all for the great support by offering us the care on the building that we have purchased from you.”

Reigate Care functions to build customer loyalty and extend the relationship with them beyond the construction and handing over of the keys of the home. ForReigate, it has become an essential department for channelling customer’s requests and complaints, as well as guaranteeing their satisfaction.